Education & Training Solutions

Smart Annotation

The introduction of dry-erase whiteboards into classrooms in the early 1990s marked a remarkable transition from the old, allergy-causing chalk blackboards to a much cleaner solution. One that enabled teachers and trainers to visualise their ideas and convey their message with ease. Nevertheless; with the 21st century ushering a tremendous amount of changes into the modern learning environment, the whiteboard became lacking in many areas. This is where Smart Annotation steps in to close the gap. This interactive technology allows teachers and trainers to deliver richer content through the ability to use interactive software that is designed with them in mind. Not only they can create more attractive content, but also they will have the ability to save their hard work to use on another day with another group of enthusiastic minds. Thus, allowing the same content to be delivered as many times as needed with minimum time and effort.

  • Smart Whiteboards
  • Interactive Projectors
  • Interactive LED Screens

Modern schools and training venues support the usage of smart devices as part of the learning experience. However, interacting with several devices at once is not the easiest of jobs. Collaboration Solutions allow instructors and lab admins to remain in control by being able to share content, ask and answer questions, and constantly monitor apps that are run by students or trainees.

  • Classroom Management
  • Language Lab Management
Collaboration Solutions
Lecture Recording Systems

Academic classrooms and auditoriums are home to the most inspiring lectures. With the latest lecture-recording technology, these lectures can be captured to be either retained for future use, or published to the whole world.

  • High quality lecture recording
  • Tracking cameras

Being the central piece of a university classroom or an auditorium, the podium had to undergo major changes to cope with the new innovations of today’s modern learning environment. Our podium solutions make it easier to run your software of choice and centralise the control of different smart tools available in the venue, these include projectors, screens, speakers, microphones and lighting.

  • Turn display/projectors on & off
  • Control audio (mic & speakers
Smart Podiums
Content Building

New education technology has allowed conventional teaching materials to be transformed into a richer, more interactive digital form. However, the process of building digital materials and digitizing existing non-digital ones is not always easy for schools to do. Ultra Vision facilitates this process and makes it easier by working with teachers to build content that is suitable to their solution of choice. Thus, teachers become able to reach their full potential and to deliver their message in the most clear and advanced method.

To deliver the best educational experience, it has become a must for teachers to leverage the advancements in education technology; a task that can seem colossal to many teachers. This is why we decided to assist teachers on this wonderful journey between conventional and modern teaching by designing training programmes that are tailored to their requirements. Schools can benefit from such trainings to ensure the readiness of their teachers early on in the semester.

  • Training provided for every one of our solutions
  • Separate trainings for faculty and IT staff
Digital Tools Training