About Us

Company Overview

Since its founding in 2006, Ultra Vision has set out to fulfil the technological needs of prominent companies and education establishments in Kuwait through offering a variety of solutions that span several domains which include education & training, digital signage, VIP meeting rooms, security and low voltage equipment.

With over 200 satisfied clients in public and private sectors, Ultra Vision has established itself as a leader and an authority in the domain of AV technology. Whether it is a small meeting-room or a university theatre; Ultra Vision can, through its well-capable team, create the perfect configuration and provide its clients with all the training and after-sale services they need.


At Ultra Vision, we seek to provide our clients with solutions which are tailored to their needs and are worthy of their satisfaction. We constantly strive for improvement through developing our team and treating our clients’ feedback with the utmost significance and gratitude. Our goal is to become Kuwait’s number ONE destination for all things related to audio visuals, video conferencing, digital signage and education software; in addition to establishing a special rapport with our clients through trust, credibility and uncompromising quality of service.


To become a world-class organisation that provides top-class technology solutions and effectively contributes to the well-being and development of its clients, staff and the countries where it operates.